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Бесплатна испорака во Скопје


Индонезија Суматра Керинчи

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Sumatra Kerinci natural coffee is a unique offering from Indonesia, known for its innovative processing methods and rich flavor profile. The coffee is grown around Mount Kerinci, the tallest volcano in Indonesia, located on Sumatra’s western edge. This region is part of the Kerinci Sablat National Park, a UNESCO and ASEAN heritage site, which contributes to the coffee’s distinct characteristics.

The natural process used for these beans involves drying the coffee cherries in the sun with the fruit still on the bean. This method enhances the coffee’s natural sweetness and imparts a fruitier profile. Sumatra Kerinci natural coffee is noted for its huge fruit character, gentle florals, spiced cider complexity, and rose water notes.

The producers in this region, such as UKM Camintoran, are part of a new generation of growers who are eager to experiment and share knowledge. They have managed to successfully implement natural processing in Sumatra’s typically rainy climate by using raised beds and shade coverings.

Sweet and floral, spices, green pepper, cardamom, herbs, fruit infusion.

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